About Me

I have over twenty years professional experience as a graphic designer and web developer.

I started my career in Southern California as a print designer, working in the magazine industry for 7 years. I art directed and designed magazine articles (often writing and editing copy), logos, magazine ads, brochures, catalogs, business cards, flyers.... you name it, I've done a lot of it.

During that time I learned to create effective, attractive designs (on very tight deadlines) using fundamental design principles for three publications.

In 2010 I moved to the Southwest US, and taught myself web design, beginning with HTML & CSS. Combining these coding skills with my visual design background, for 9 years (and counting) I created large websites within WordPress, CMSMS, ProcessWire, and other content management systems.

In recent years I've been focusing extensively on developing with WordPress (and WooCommerce), the open source CMS that accounts for approximately 37% of all websites on the internet.

Many web developers today start out using content management systems with pre-designed themes only, and learn bits of HTML & CSS "on the fly" as necessary to solve specific problems.

I believe I was fortunate to learn graphic design in an era where you had to do most of the work yourself, and many of the "time saving" tools that are prevalent today just weren't an option.

By combining fundamental HTML & CSS skills with my strong visual design background, I think I have a unique advantage when it comes to developing sites within modern platforms like WordPress, which at the end of the day, are simply outputting HTML & CSS.

I also create original illustrations using a combination of traditional and digital techniques. I enjoy the modern process of creating an initial sketch with pencil and paper, bringing that into Procreate on the iPad Pro and finishing the design with the Apple Pencil, or Adobe Illustrator if more precise vector editing is required.

To see some of my work, visit my portfolio section.

If you have a project in web, print, or illustration, contact me and let me know how I can be of help!

Thank you!

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